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The "pot-pourri" with its mixture of dried flowers, tinted shavings, its synthetic fragrance, it's over!


We are launching its vegan and upcycled version with  LES CHARITY SENTEURS DE NY, boxes to nicely perfume our home or office.  Our containers are decorative objects with an assertive style. We select them one by one from charity sales throughout France. It is the exclusive and virtuous know-how of our house.


Each scent box is a unique piece. We propose  3  materials to choose from: Glass, metal and ceramic.

Surprise choice   : Since all of our boxes are unique, this is a surprise purchase that you are going to make.  

We will send you the prettiest box (es) choosing from our unique pieces in the category you like. We will send them to you in an adorable musette pouch.  Trust us :)

We don’t have any products to show here right now.


your scent box is a surprise. We choose a pretty box - from our solidarity purchases -  in the category you selected. We add a plant heart (green moss or gray lichen), we place a small red or bluish clay pebble on it, prepared by a French workshop. This pebble will preserve and diffuse the scent of essential oils when the foam has aged. You will receive with the box your essential oil blend bottle made in Cévennes. Everything is placed in a cute little purse in recycled fabric with a small booklet containing the precautions for use. 

Planche Charity Senteur_compressed - cop
les charity senteurs de ny noir v2.png
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