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We are crazy about light, candles, healthy scents ...

We are the only House of candles and scents that works with a virtuous approach in all aspects: solidarity purchases, natural raw materials, recycling, upcycling and manual manufacturing in the workshop by ourselves .  


Our collections of neutral vegan wax candles are made through the upcycling of beautiful decorative objects only from charity. We also say solidarity upcycling. We have created several # to define our creations and our exclusive approach #upcyclingsolidaire #recyclagesolidaire #bougiespiecesuniques #cireveganneutre  

Our candles bear the brand LES CHARITY BOUGIES DE NY  for this reason: the sourcing of the containers being done only in the charity sales where we go every day. This solidarity sourcing is our exclusive know-how. There are 7 of us in the purchasing team.  

We have thus selected thousands of objects of all styles, all materials and all eras.  We give them a new life which preserves our beautiful planet.  

These are unique pieces , objects of curiosity which, transformed into candles, will give chic to all interior decorations: in the hall, on the living room table, in a bedroom, but also of course to give charm. to a more professional place, a restaurant, a lobby, a chalet ...  

We are happy to have invented this unique and virtuous upcycling concept in 2017.  Making these recycled and biodegradable charity candles is what fills us.  

Our candles are cast in our workshop in French and European vegan wax without perfume or dye. We alert our customers to the harmfulness of scented candles with scents that are NEVER natural. And also, the  paraffin candles, also called mineral wax, also harmful because they come from petroleum.

Our vegan waxes are very easy to clean. Items are reusable when the candles are finished.  Our workshop refurbishes all our candles.  Our customers can bring them back to the store or bring them to us at the workshop.  

We have also launched  our personal take on potpourri by making it a way to scent the interior in a healthy, pretty and virtuous way. Our new offer is called LES CHARITY SENTEURS DE NY .

These perfume boxes are all unique pieces, like our candles from our solidarity purchases. You choose the material you like (metal, glass, crystal, porcelain, wood) and you trust us because we will choose a very beautiful box, prepare it with care and ship it to you with love, packed in an adorable pouch - musette sewn by our team in recycled fabric of course. 

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