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Our know-how is to create  candles in old or recent decorative objects but all unique.  Our exclusivity and our commitment is to source our collections only in Charité sales. We create these collections of eco-responsible candles with healthy and sustainable vegetable wax. A neutral vegan wax.


The Charity Bougies de Ny offer  different styles of candles  : Old, vintage, contemporary, arty, regional in our favorite materials: metal , porcelain & ceramics , glass and crystal, hard stones or even wood.

unlike and sustainable COLLECTIONS of  UNIQUE candles

We are the only one to do the creation of unique candles, resulting from the solidarity and elegant recycling of beautiful objects.

Our collections are composed of unique pieces.

Old, vintage, design, modern, the French style reflected through different metals, porcelains, ceramics ...

The name of the brand "Charity Bougies de Ny"   is inspired by the method of sourcing of objects which systematically contributes funds to charitable organizations.

  The waxes used are plant of vegetable origin, with no additive or perfume.

  A virtuous, circular, charitable, sustainable brand ... already available in Parisian department stores (Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché, Merci, Fleux, le BHV Marais ...)

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