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A spiritual and decorative collaboration


On the one hand, Juliette who through conferences, workshops and her book  one minute a day to feel the sun even if it is not shining  Offers to live better life, overcome obstacles and weather storms. No miracle recipe but a lot of common sense in adopting a Shine state of mind. A luminous and beneficial way of life which allows to rekindle its interior light.

On the other hand Nancy, who created the Charity Bougies de Ny eco-responsible candles  : each container is a recycled decorative object from charity sales, the wax for the candles is vegetable and French, without perfume, without coloring.

Their common point  : the flame of the candle which warms and illuminates, the interior light which shines, thus making it possible to frighten one's fears and to focus.

Juliette could have ordered candles from Nancy but their meeting gave rise to a beneficial collaboration called  Shine Altar.

Credit:  Elise Dumas @thepineapplechef

Altar in English means altar. With Shine Altar, Juliette and Nancy invite you to create your little altar  at your house. A small personal space to pray, meditate, take a break, refocus, reconnect with the essential ...

It's up to everyone to decorate it according to their desires and tastes with flowers, photos, statuettes, seashells. ..

Your Shine Altar includes:

A candle, a unique piece of metal cast in a recycled decorative object from charity. They are metal timpani like silverware, pewter, gilded brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel ... These timpani come to life in Candle Shine.  

            A mantra accompanies the candle, it was written by Juliette Dumas Philanthrope and                   author  from the book "1 minute a day to feel the sun, even if it is not shining".

A small pouch in recycled fabric made exclusively for Shine Altar  will become the carpet of your candle.

The price includes  a refill at my workshop. .  


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