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Candle poured into a superb and precious Paris porcelain bridal vase. Until the 1950s, young women put part of their wedding bouquet in it to have it blessed and then kept it for as long as possible, sometimes even under a glass globe. 

  The wax of our candles is vegan and voluntarily unscented for your health. 

  We refurbish our candles with a beautiful unscented, uncolored, perfectly healthy vegetable wax. Don't hesitate! 

Flower Bridal Vase Candle

VAT Included
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  • Patinated golden Paris porcelain




  • This candle was created by hand. It is a unique piece. It is part of my collection of objects bought in chartity shops. The wax is vegetable. It comes from soy, raised without GMOs. It has the particularity of burning without greasy smoke and odor. It is perfectly healthy to be used indoors. It burns very slowly so you enjoy your candle much longer than usual. At the end, you can recover the pretty container very easily because the wax is very easy to clean. Candles should NEVER be left unattended. Do not leave within reach of children. Do not place on a fragile support (risk of burns and breakage due to temperature). Do not move when the wax is liquid. Do not leave on when you are away/overnight. Do not add anything to the wax. Do not touch the container which may be hot.